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About us

Online coaching is the cornerstone of the brand. Owners Brian & Alyssa Devins began assisting others through an online platform in 2012. After developing their service, they opened a full-size commercial gym in Upstate New York. This move allowed for members in their community to have a state of the art facility but also allowed them to expand their tools as an online company. 
Currently, the online coaching group consists of Brian Devins, Alyssa Devins, Dana Siriano, and Teri Nelson.   
Our approach tailors evidence and experience to the client's goals. Each coach has worked with a broad range of clients. From the individual who is just starting out to the seasoned physique athlete. Whether your goal is to improve your vitality and body composition or enter the realm of competitive physique contests we can design a program for you.

We place a large emphasis on the educational aspects of the process in order to optimize client success. With the industry being full of quick fixes that are rarely sustainable, we were adamant that our services must improve your physical preparedness, aesthetics and emotional well being. We firmly believe that a person who is informed and educated has the greatest chance to sustain a healthy balanced lifestyle.


The path to your best YOU should not come by making large scale change to your life. Specific training methodologies and nutritional approaches are often demonized. We like to shed light on the common misconceptions in the fitness industry in order to create a program that is sustainable and informative. 

Our coaches design training programs by evaluating your goals, assessing your information and evaluating your current body composition via photos. From here, we begin tailoring a program around your strengths, weaknesses, availability, and lifestyle. Nutrition is approached in a flexible manner. We offer a multi-tier nutritional approach that allows your coach to make changes if adherence is not present. Clients can expect to follow a protocol that consists of tracking portion sizes to a more advanced protocol of tracking macronutrients and anything in between.  Each client will also be given guidelines on suitable fiber, fluid, vitamin, and mineral consumption as well.

You will also be granted access to our private Facebook group, which includes articles from the coaches, live chats with Q&As and access to a multitude of training and training tools/references.

We pride ourselves on the ability to communicate with our clients. Whether it be via email, phone calls, text messages, or Skype consults we are here for you 24/7.

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